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Shows and larger projects Ane has worked on


Matilda the Musical 2022-2023

Head dresser

For Ane's seventh project with Scenekvelder she was the head dresser for Matilda the Musical. This role included making the dresser tracks during the production period and making sure each show ran as smoothly as it possibly could for the costume department.

Photos: Fredrik Arff


Mamma Mia, 2021-2022


The sixth production Ane has worked on for Scenekvelder is the smash hit Mamma Mia. It sold over 200 000 tickets, and is still selling like hot cakes. As part of the costume team Ane organised dressers, and ran each show.

Photo by Fredrik Arff

The Robbers.jpg

Folk og Røvere i Kardemommeby, 2021

Dresser/costume employee

This childrens classic is the fifth show Ane has worked on for Scenekvelder. As part of the costume team, she developed the dresser tracks, and did minor alterations throughout the preproduction period. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the show did not open on its premiere day in April 2021, but did a run of 14 shows.

Photos by Fredrik Arff

Sonja and the star.jpg

Reisen til Julestjernen, 2020

Dresser and bear handler

For this classic Norwegian Christmas tale, Ane worked primarily on developing the dresser tracks, but she also worked with the bear actor/puppeteer and a puppet mechanic on making the bear puppet fully functional. The show was slated to open in November 2020, but sadly had to close before then due to the pandemic. It has since run twice, in 2021 and 2022.

Photos by Fredrik Arff

Freddy meets the press.jpg

Chess, 2020-2023

Costume employee/dresser

Continuing her partnership with Scenekvelder, Ane worked as a dresser on the show Chess, and developed the track. The show opened in February of 2020, but sadly had to close a month later because of the pandemic. It opened again in September the same year, and has had a total of six runs.

Photos by Fredrik Arff

The children wave good night.jpg

The Sound of Music, 2019/2020

Codesigner and dresser

Following her time at Phantom of the Opera with Scenekvelder, Ane got to continue working with them closely, to recreate this iconic classic, and follow it from start to finish as both part of the design team and a dresser. The show opened in September 2019, and instantly became a roaring success.

Photos by Fredrik Arff


The Phantom of the Opera 2018/2019

Dresser and costume producer

In August 2018 Ane started working with Scenekvelder in Oslo on their non-replica version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. It is the first time this particular production is being done in Norway, which makes it all the more exciting to be a part of.

Photos by Fredrik Arff


Matilda the Musical 2018

Dep/swing dresser

From the very beginning of January 2018 Ane started working as a deputy/swing dresser for Matilda the musical in London, at the Cambridge theatre. After six months with the show, she moved back to Norway, however.


The Sound of Music, 2017

Costume assistant and dresser at Hålogaland Teater

The show premiered on the 12th of September 2017, and went on to run for 38 shows. Following this, the show went on tour in the three northernmost regions of Norway for ten days.

Before the show went up, Ane worked in the costume department as an assistant, and when the show went up she stepped into the role of dresser full time.

Photos by Fredrik Arff


The Glove Thief, 2017

Costume maker

The Glove Thief was a completely new play, written by Beth Flintoff for Rose Bruford College.

In this production, Ane worked on Mary Queen of Scots costume, which consisted of a dress, ruff and sleeves. 

Photos by Robert Workman

Gretel, the Witch, and Hansel

Hans og Grete (Hansel and Gretel), 2017

Placement at Hålogaland Teater

Ane worked on this show as a part of the costume team, and made a few garments (able to view in the "Other Works" tab).

Photos by Gisle Bjørneby

Khlestakov and Osip

Government Inspector, 2016

Costume supervisor

Ane was part of a costume supervisor team on the second show of Rose Bruford College's Classics season. The show was a smash hit with the audience, with some people returning show after show.
The show was directed by Steven Harper, and designed by Elle Rose.
Photo by Robert Workman

The monster

13, 2016

Costume assistant

Ane was one of the costume assistants for Rose Bruford College's Radical season. She produced garments.
The show was directed by Tim Luscombe, and designed by Sally Hardcastle.
Photo by Robert Workman

Ben She collar and trousers

Ben She, 2014

Production Design Assistant

For this music video Ane worked as a design assistant, and she made garments for the production.
Directed by Emilie Blichfeldt.
Photo by Mari Lotherington

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